Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles
By Addison Callahan

Walls painted in rich deep green,
floors made of marble white,
flowers strewn in windowsills,
vases of purple night,
Hangings of a garnet red,
A place unlike any other it is said,
a mythical palace of unstifled dreams,
where nothing is just as it seems,
Statues seem to come alive,
Everything that is grown there will always thrive,
A rainbow of all colors are the flowers,
that adorn all the castle towers,
when you are there you cannot help but to stop and stare,
A smell of sugar is everywhere,
the time is reversed the day is night
but still you will find no more beautiful a sight,
As you go to leave you turn your eyes,
to see the beauty that is their sunrise,
the rising sun blinds your eyes,
then you wake up to your surprise,
this place was only in your dreams,
Nothing was really as it seems

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bad Poems

Horribly Awesome Bad Poems
By: Addison Callahan

Dead Boy
There once was a boy on a bed,
Who caused everyone to call him fred,
Along a monkey came,
Who kidnapped him and took him to Kentucky,
Now the boy is dead

I Miss You Bad Poem
I miss you like I miss my least favorite moore,
I was glad when you left and got hit by the door,
I want you to never comeback,
You’re cooking could give even the healthiest man a heart attack,
All your outfits made you look fat,
Your eyes are too narrow,
You had a mole on your chin,
You had 8 toes on your left foot,
I miss you lot,
Just kidding I miss you not

Monday, January 14, 2013

Inner poet

A girl
By: Addison Callahan

Born in a sea of salt and sand,
On the shores of a faraway land,
Eyes of sapphire and hair of ebony,
Always wearing a glowing smile is she,
Skin of creamy porcelain,
The delicate lines of a heart make up her chin,
With cheeks of reddest rose,
 A graceful curve makes her nose,
Her hair flows in crashing waves,
Down to her waist it cascades,
A frame ever so strong and lean,
A more beautiful maiden has never been seen,
She is the model of a patient temperament,
Into anger she will never decent,
With a voice full of bells and glee,
A kinder person she could n0t be,
She knows the answer to every riddle,
But with politically matters she is dead in the middle,
Endless knowledge is stored in her head,
Every piece of literature she has read,
A way with words she has been graced,
Not one thought has she ever misplaced,
She is a thinker greatly ahead of her time,
Who only ever speaks in rhyme,
She was born in the salty spray of the sea,
And no place would she rather be,
She is a friend to all she meets,
She is always gracious when she competes,
In the end she can only be described like this….
A girl who assists, insists, and persists