Thursday, February 28, 2013

Change Poem

The Greats
By: Addison Callahan

The Greats are more than names in books,
whispers through doors, 
and thoughts in dreams,
The Greats define their generations,
take sides,
fight battles,
and sometimes win wars,
The Greats are the initial,
The Greats shook things up,
made new paths,
played by their own rules,
The Greats were strong,
The Greats left us clues,
 and riddles to follow,
They gave us foot holds of their hands,
to push us up taller,
They let us stand on their shoulder of greatness,
bringing us up so we may always see a new perspective,
They pass their strength onto us so that we may be strong,
They encourage change and new world order,
They stand against the cruel and deceitful,
They lift up those who cannot stand on their own,
The Greats are not great....
they are The Change 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Imagery make up poem

Sweet Nothings
by Addison Callahan

These are the days we'll remember,
hours spent with legs entangled in one another on a bean bag,
twisted and curves like ivy along the walls of a house,
we sit together in a bean bag,
being swallowed up in its wake like a boat in a sea storm,
we stare at the light cast on the ceiling through prism facets of the windows,
painting rainbows along the panels of the wall,
a breeze blows in through the open window,
softly whispering of the joys of summer soon to come,
our hands intertwine and rest on our legs,
they lay there light as air yet ground us to this spot like an anchor,
 we pass many hours here talking and just letting ourselves be,
these are the sweet nothings we will remember on the bad days,
the days were your boss calls you in and gives you a bad performance review,
the days when your parents won't stop calling and nagging you to go to that great aunts birthday party who you swear you have never met in your life,
for the days when you wake up looking for sunshine but only find storm clouds,
for those days when your best just isn't good enough,
this are the days when we will return to the times of sweet nothings

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mad Libs poem

Mad Libs Poem
By Addison Callahan

We got bored in class so decided to make a poem using random words that people called out when I asked the questions.

Fruit:  mango
Animal: sloth
Color: purple
Element: fire
Adjective: hairy
Place: McDonalds
Person: Donald Trump

Trump and Sloth
By: Addison Callahan
Once there was a wealthy man,
he always wanted to have a plan,
for a place in which he would go to eat lunch,
Of these places there were a bunch,
On his meal thousand of dollars he would dump,
Because his name was Donald Trump,
Lunch partners he had many,
Along with his exeutic pets which he had a plenty,
On this lunch date he decided to take his hairy sloth,
Instead of his giant killer moth,
To McDonalds they went for a mango smoothie,
Which they both thought was pretty groovy,
But then they were trapped in a restaurant fire,
In which their fate was dier,
the funeral was a billion dollars,
and was attend by a hundred scholars

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free writing on Love

Sticky Situation 
By Addison Callahan
Love isn't allows easy or fair,
It can be sticky and messy to the point where you want to rip out your hair,
But sometimes it can be wrapped up in an unexpected place,
Maybe even with a familiar face,
One you have watched for years go by,
never even knowing it,
 simply in the blink of an eye,
 It's much like this funny grey roll of tape,
Something that will patch up any scrap,
It builds you up and fixes all your cracks
It makes you whole and fills in all the things you lack,
It's a friend who has been always waiting in the wings,
then one day you turn to look at them and your hearts sings,
For years you've seen them almost every day,
All wrapped up in a veil of grey,
He there just for you,
The person you realize you never even truly knew

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Art of...

The Art of Nannying
By: Addison Callahan

Always have games and toys on hand,
And you will be their best friend in the land,
It’s not as difficult as it initially seems,
The key to remember is just to think of themes,
Themes of creative activities that will fill the day,
While they think you’re just letting them run around and play,
With glitter and macaroni you can make a million things,
And you can never go wrong with going to a playground for a swing,
Make sure to give them lots of hugs and love,
And make sure they never push and shove,
With these tips it will be a breeze,
The parents will be very at ease,
Be sure to clean the kitchen every nook and cranny,
And you’ll be a super nanny