Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mad Libs poem

Mad Libs Poem
By Addison Callahan

We got bored in class so decided to make a poem using random words that people called out when I asked the questions.

Fruit:  mango
Animal: sloth
Color: purple
Element: fire
Adjective: hairy
Place: McDonalds
Person: Donald Trump

Trump and Sloth
By: Addison Callahan
Once there was a wealthy man,
he always wanted to have a plan,
for a place in which he would go to eat lunch,
Of these places there were a bunch,
On his meal thousand of dollars he would dump,
Because his name was Donald Trump,
Lunch partners he had many,
Along with his exeutic pets which he had a plenty,
On this lunch date he decided to take his hairy sloth,
Instead of his giant killer moth,
To McDonalds they went for a mango smoothie,
Which they both thought was pretty groovy,
But then they were trapped in a restaurant fire,
In which their fate was dier,
the funeral was a billion dollars,
and was attend by a hundred scholars

1 comment:

  1. That's funny. Good idea!

    I like your poems, Addie. They are full of emotion and imagery. Is there a reason why you center all of your poems on the page? Just curious.