Thursday, February 28, 2013

Change Poem

The Greats
By: Addison Callahan

The Greats are more than names in books,
whispers through doors, 
and thoughts in dreams,
The Greats define their generations,
take sides,
fight battles,
and sometimes win wars,
The Greats are the initial,
The Greats shook things up,
made new paths,
played by their own rules,
The Greats were strong,
The Greats left us clues,
 and riddles to follow,
They gave us foot holds of their hands,
to push us up taller,
They let us stand on their shoulder of greatness,
bringing us up so we may always see a new perspective,
They pass their strength onto us so that we may be strong,
They encourage change and new world order,
They stand against the cruel and deceitful,
They lift up those who cannot stand on their own,
The Greats are not great....
they are The Change 

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