Monday, February 4, 2013

The Art of...

The Art of Nannying
By: Addison Callahan

Always have games and toys on hand,
And you will be their best friend in the land,
It’s not as difficult as it initially seems,
The key to remember is just to think of themes,
Themes of creative activities that will fill the day,
While they think you’re just letting them run around and play,
With glitter and macaroni you can make a million things,
And you can never go wrong with going to a playground for a swing,
Make sure to give them lots of hugs and love,
And make sure they never push and shove,
With these tips it will be a breeze,
The parents will be very at ease,
Be sure to clean the kitchen every nook and cranny,
And you’ll be a super nanny

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