Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Free writing on Love

Sticky Situation 
By Addison Callahan
Love isn't allows easy or fair,
It can be sticky and messy to the point where you want to rip out your hair,
But sometimes it can be wrapped up in an unexpected place,
Maybe even with a familiar face,
One you have watched for years go by,
never even knowing it,
 simply in the blink of an eye,
 It's much like this funny grey roll of tape,
Something that will patch up any scrap,
It builds you up and fixes all your cracks
It makes you whole and fills in all the things you lack,
It's a friend who has been always waiting in the wings,
then one day you turn to look at them and your hearts sings,
For years you've seen them almost every day,
All wrapped up in a veil of grey,
He there just for you,
The person you realize you never even truly knew

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